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Every Construction CEO NEEDS To Do This…

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Blog, Video

Every Construction CEO needs to post content on social media. Why? It’s becoming way more competitive in the industry. So, CEOs that post content, differentiate themselves from the rest and gain all the benefits from building a personal brand. “Okay, Jonathan. But what benefits are you talking about?” I’m glad you asked. Today, I’m breaking down my top five biggest benefits Construction CEOs have when posting content on social media. And I’ll share one bonus benefit.

Attract Talent And Make Recruiting Easier

There’s no avoiding this reality: More people in construction will retire in the next 5-10 years than will join the industry. When you (the construction CEO) post content on social media, you give others reasons why they should join your company. And when you factor in the shrinking pool of talent, this is a must! This is also a huge advantage for smaller and mid-size contractors going up against the bigger contractors. But it doesn’t stop there. When you, HR, or your hiring team reach out to prospective employees, you make recruiting easier if they’ve heard of your company because of the content you’ve posted on social media.

Create More Construction Client Touchpoints

The construction industry is incredibly relationship-based. So you have to either meet in person, talk over the phone, send an email, or grab lunch to build the relationship. However, when you post on social media, you continue building relationships with your clients (and here’s the kicker) at scale! When you share content about your company culture, projects, leadership style, and lessons learned, you build more positive associations with your personal and company brand. And who wouldn’t want that?

Build Pride In Your Team

As a construction leader, your job is to sell your company vision and mission to your employees every day. Remember that the labor market out there is extremely competitive. So, anytime you post your own content, you remind your team why they choose to show up to your company every day. And when those appealing offers from other contractors come in (because they will come in), you remind them again and again why they should stay at your company. Here’s the reality: Some may leave. And that’s okay. But it won’t be because you didn’t do your best to sell the vision and mission on social media.

Get More Construction Clients

One of my clients recently told me this crazy story:
He connected with an individual at a large commercial general contractor in 2017. Fast forward to today, my client wanted to get his foot in the door with a GC they’ve never worked with. So, he contacted the individual he’s been connected with since 2017. And here’s where this story gets crazy: The individual not only knew exactly who my client was, but he’s been following his journey for years now. It’s crazy because he also said that if he ever had the chance to meet my client, he would definitely want to work together. And here’s how the story ended: They’re now working together on their first project, with many more coming in the pipeline. All this happened because my client posted his own content over the years sharing his journey and story. So, if it has the power to help my client get in front of prospects that lead to new business, it definitely can for you, too!

Position Your Construction Company The Right Way

Do you want to be seen as a growing contractor? As a disruptive contractor? Or as a cutting-edge contractor? Posting your own content on social media is how you control the narrative about your company. Nobody knows your company more than you. So anytime you post content on social media, you get to tell everyone exactly who you are. So don’t forget this: Control the narrative, don’t let others define what that is for you!

Bring More Awareness To The Construction Industry

Most construction CEOs know that there’s a labor shortage, less younger generations joining the trades, and that there are misconceptions about the industry. But here’s the sad part: Most contractors are doing nothing about it. Posting your own content on social media is a proactive way to bring more awareness to the construction industry. So don’t sit on the sidelines. We all need to do everything we can to help our industry. And that includes you.

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