About Us.

Why Commercial Construction?

Our founder, Jonathan, was an in-house marketer for a commercial construction company in Washington. He immersed himself in the industry, met other marketers, and identified an opportunity to strengthen the industry’s social media marketing programs.

In-house commercial construction marketing programs are mainly focused on creating proposals, planning events, business development, and other random marketing tasks that need to get done. These efforts are key for growth, but they are usually internal facing. This is why social media is so important for every contractor. Because your people, projects, and purpose are what make this industry and your company great. And this is why we exist. To help commercial contractors make that a reality on social media.


Helping commercial contractors build online.

We are Creators

We create great content and great relationships.

We are Strategic

We know why we do what we do. No random acts of marketing.

We are Humble

We don't know it all and won't act like we do. Our clients know their business the best.

We are Authentic

Real and raw is who we are. Just like our industry.

We are Empathetic

We listen and care for those around us. Both executives and trades people.


We are an OSHA 30 Certified growth marketing agency.